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Our Vision

Close your eyes and imagine...

The rays of warm sunlight wake you up. Still lying in bed, you can smell the wonderful scent of the flowers that HE gave you yesterday. The time passes by slowly.

You start to prepare for a lunch with your best friend. You dress up as usual — comfortably but smartly and with an edge. You have a unique style. Your friends know that if something finds its way to your wardrobe, then it is a must-have of the season. They always take advice from you when it comes to fashion — and you love helping them! You are fond of exclusive, unique and eye-catching accessories; therefore, you outline your look with a dashing Selfie jewellery. You choose‎‎‎‎ rings — firstly, the bigger and more visible but subtle ones, which you complement with smaller top finger rings. For an even greater effect, you put them also on your pinky — you think, it looks adorable! Your wrists are elegantly adorned with a set of bracelets — a collection from a few seasons. There are more of them on you birthday wish list. You always wear a beautiful classic made from gold that you received from your man for Christmas. You match it with colourful threads and tiny silvery stones.

A little bit of perfume, a glimpse in the mirror and a radiant smile at your own reflection — you feel even more beautiful with a perfect jewellery on you!

You best friend hugs you as if you did not see each other for ages, and it has been only a week since you saw her! A few Selfies together, talks about most important things, sweet dessert for goodbye and quick shopping. The shopping took a little bit longer than expected... Well, you will go to the gym tomorrow!