Our materials


unique materials that are used to make your jewellery

We create jewellery from the best quality materials and we use 925 sterling silver plated with white or yellow 14 carat gold for most of the elements. There is also gold jewellery available in the selected Selfie boutiques.

We apply Gold Filled technology for the production of some of Selfie jewellery elements. It is a method for a particularly long-lasting gold plating with the use of a diffusion technology. It consists in melting in brass with a layer of ca. 2 micrometres of 14 carat gold. These layers are combined in the temperature of 900 Celsius degrees and rolled, which further improves their welding. Gold represents around 5% of the entire product and retains it properties; and therefore, it does not cause allergies or stains on the skin. When used properly, the gold layer may last for up to 7 years.

The jewellery thread used for the production of the elastic jewellery is of the highest quality. It will retain its round shape and elastic properties when properly fitted and used.

In case of the elongation of the material or damage, we replace the jewellery free of charge under the 6-month warranty. The warranty does not cover lost jewellery elements, such as stone or silver beads, gold-plated elements or pendants.

We create Selfie jewellery from specially selected hand-polished natural stones; therefore, some minor imperfections may appear on their surface, e.g. stains, holes and cracks. The colour of the stones may change depending on the angle of the light incidence. Remember that natural stones of the same kind but coming from various mines may be of various shades. The natural stones may also slightly differ in size (>1mm) due to hand-polishing.

Our unique Selfie pendant is created from a 925 sterling silver plated with white or yellow 14 carat gold; there is a round brilliant-cut cubic zirconia inside it.


Take care of...

your jewellery to enjoy its values as long as possible

Remember! Selfie jewellery is beautiful but also delicate. Be kind to it and you will enjoy it for years! Bear it in your mind and your jewellery will not loose its shine.

Over time, due to the impact of natural factors related to the usage, there might appear scratches and abrasions and you might observe that the gold layer slightly rubs off on the jewellery surface. It is normal and it is not subject to warranty.

Keep your jewellery away from salty water, chlorine and other strong chemical substances. Try not to expose it to cosmetics containing alcohol (e.g. perfumes and some creams).

Avoid sudden changes of temperature and protect you jewellery from hits and strong pulls. Remember to take off your jewellery before taking a shower or washing your hands.

Remember that silver products, whose size can be adjusted manually, are delicate. When regulating them, try not to squeeze them in a manner that changes their shape as it may damage the construction that protects zirconias from falling off.

You can wear our products — especially the ones that are made of silver and gold — every day. If you plan not to wear them for some time, put them in a small box to protect them from tarnish and damage.

Gold plating of the jewellery made of silver or by means of the GF technology is subject to a 6-month warranty.

If, despite of following our recommendations, you jewellery is damaged, you may file a complaint. Rules of complaints and the required form are available here.

If your jewellery is damaged by accident or after the warranty expires (e.g. it gets ripped, zirconia fells off, the gold plating rubs off 6 months after the jewellery is purchased), write to us or come to our boutique, we will help you fix it. The price for such a repair is determined on case-to-case basis depending on the damages.